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Treatment to restore, maintain patient's mobility

About Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapy team at Prakash Multispeciality Hospital is well-versed in the care of injuries while also emphasising the need of maintaining physical fitness. Furthermore, our team of skilled Physiotherapists makes sure that each patient is provided with a personalised treatment plan based on their individual needs, which ensures that they will receive the best possible care and recover as quickly as possible. Over time, the Physiotherapy Department aids patients in regaining full mobility and cognitive function after injury or illness. Care management is required in situations when movement and operation are compromised due to ageing, disease, disability, disabilities, illnesses, or environmental factors. For a healthy body, responsive motions are crucial for proper function.

Aims of Physiotherapy Department in Prakash Multispeciality Hospital are

  • Prevention of Complication
  • Promotion of Function and Mobility
  • Functional
  • Advice and Instructions

Physiotherapists can help patient in the following process

  • Taking a thorough review
  • Assessment of the patient
  • Analyze conclusions from the review
  • Assessment and render health decisions on patients
  • Formulate a diagnosis,
  • Prognosis and strategy
  • Offer guidance within their expertise to decide whether patients need to be referred to another physiotherapist
  • Develop a Physical Therapist Intervention
  • Treatment Plan
  • Decide the results of all interventions
  • Treatments Make guidelines for self-management

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